Chattanooga Civitan Club
"Builders of Good Citizenship"
Money used to help support many local charities each year is raised by these fundraising projects:
Summer Fling
Each year the club has a project called "A summer fling" this entails the club members selling 200 tickets at $175.00 each for a chance of win a $2,500 grand prize. This is awarded to the person who stays in the pulling of names to the last person's name in the barrel is called.
Your chance also entitles you to many door prizes along the way. It also entitles you to a fancy dinner for two. This affair is well attended each year.
Fruitcake Auction
Members and invited guests meet once a year at a club meeting to raise money for our charities by auctioning off Claxton fruitcakes. This is a fun occasion where all persons attending enthusiastically bid their money encouraged by an auctioneer. The auction is attended annually by a visit from Miss Tennessee.
Each person with the high bid for buying a fruitcake gets their picture taken with Miss Tennessee. Her encouragement really helps the amount of money a person bids. (all knowing it is going to a good cause) Female persons attending, after a winning bid, can elect to have their picture taken with a visiting good looking male personality. A lot of fun is had by all.
The club's proceeds from this auction usually brings in about $8,000, with all money going to charity.
Civitan Candy Box Project
You've probably seen the bright, blue, candy-filled boxes in local restaurants in the East Ridge, Hamilton Place and Hixson areas and other locations throughout North America. Perhaps you've dropped in some change or bills and taken a mint to two. But do you know where the money goes?
The local Civitan Candy Box Project is a program of the Chattanooga Civitan Club and Civitan International. Members of the club place and service the boxes to ensure that 100 percent of the net proceeds go to help people with developmental disabilities, locally and internationally. The club keeps 25 percent of Candy Box proceeds to fund local projects for special needs children.
Civitan International, a non-profit organization, receives the remaining 75 percent of Candy Box proceeds. After paying for supplies, these proceeds make up Civitan's $1 million-a-year contribution to the Civitan International Research Center, a research and treatment facility for people with developmental disabilities, located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
If you want to place a Candy Box in a restaurant, contact Sue Rucker Lotz:
(423) 667-9810
Chattanooga Civitan Club
PO Box 746
Chattanooga, TN 37401-0746

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